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Occupation Nature:
The nature of the insured's occupation has a direct impact on risk faced by the insurer. If an insured's job is outdoor-based, eg outdoor sales and he/she needs to drive a lot, it is a higher risk compared with another insured with an indoor-based occupation. However, some insurers either decline or quote a higher premium for certain industries, eg those related to entertainment or construction, even when the nature of occupation is indoor-based. For insureds working in such industries, the standard quote based on an indoor occupation may not be accurate, but this is in the minority.
Any suspension of driving license:
Has your Motor Policy has ever been Declined or Cancelled by your insurer for renewal?
If the owner of the vehicle is NOT driving this vehicle, kindly enter at least ONE Named driver's particulars above. Please note ALL claims in the last three years related to this car, or the IC numbers of the insured or the named drivers MUST be disclosed even if there was no liability. Failure to disclose may result in some insurers declining to underwrite the risk of this particular vehicle.