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PUMP prices have increased by three cents for all grades of petrol and diesel.

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PUMP prices have increased by three cents for all grades of petrol and diesel.

A litre of Caltex’s 92-octane petrol costs $1.767 while a litre of its 95-octane costs $1.827.

A litre of its “ultra-premium” 98-octane petrol and diesel costs $1.955 and $1.323 respectively.

However, petrol station operator Shell has not shifted its prices yet.

A litre of its 95- and 98-octane petrol still retails at $1.797 and $1.880 respectively.

The last price adjustment was an increase of three cents as well that took place on Sept 15 (see report).

Prices are before discount.

Safety Features of Modern Cars

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CAR safety has come a long way. Some brands take pride in how the vehicle design, construction and equipment contribute to a safer ride, and use it as a marketing tool.

Aspects of car safety
Car safety features can generally be classified under two categories. The first is referred to as active safety and has systems or technology that help you avoid a crash. The second group is known as passive safety and consists of components of the vehicle that help to protect occupants during a crash.

Here are some of the more common safety features found in cars today.

Airbags inflate in a collision to prevent front occupants from hitting the dashboard, steering wheel, and windshield. Some SUVs or luxury cars even have side airbags, tubular airbags that inflate from the roof, and side air curtains for added protection against head injuries in a side-impact collision.

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
The purpose of an anti-lock braking system is to prevent a crash from taking place. It stops a vehicle’s wheels from locking and skidding during emergency braking, giving the driver greater control over the steering.

Some cars have ABS that also include brake assist, a system which can sense an emergency braking situation taking place when it detects a faster speed or greater force at which the driver presses the brake pedal. It boosts the braking power, thus reducing the stopping distance.

Electronic brake-force distribution (EBD)
Electronic brake force distribution automatically applies the appropriate braking pressure to each wheel in order to maximise stopping power and help the driver to maintain steering control. This system is often used in conjunction with ABS.

Traction Control
Traction control aids vehicle stability during acceleration or when driving on slippery roads. It monitors the speed of all four tyres, and if it senses that one tyre is moving faster than the others, the computer will slow that wheel down so that it can regain traction.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
This is a crash avoidance system that reduces the danger of skidding or losing control if you need to swerve or brake suddenly. It uses computer-controlled technology to apply individual brakes and help bring the car safely back on track.


Road closure F1 2010

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SEVERAL road closures in the Marina Centre area will take place from Wednesday to Sept 28, to facilitate the hosting of this weekend’s Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix.

The closures will be implemented in phases to minimise the inconvenience to the public as organisers set up and dismantle race infrastructure. Traffic delays are expected during this period, and visitors to the Marina Centre area are encouraged to use public transport.

Nicoll Highway,Esplanade Drive,Republic Boulevard, Bayfront Avenue, and Temasek Avenue – between Raffles Boulevard and Raffles Avenue – will be open for one-way through traffic toward the city during the morning peak hours (5 am to 9.30 am) from Wednesday till Friday.

On Saturday, only Nicoll Highway and Esplanade Drive will be open for one-way through traffic into the city from 5 am to 9.30am. Several ERP gantries will not be in operation during this period as they might interfere with sensitive video transmission equipment used for the race.

The gantries along New Bridge Road, South Bridge Road, ECP (eastbound) from Ophir Road, Temasek Boulevard and Republic Boulevard will be affected. Vehicles going under these gantries will not be charged during certain peak times on Thursday and Friday. The gantries along Temasek Boulevard and Republic Boulevard will also not be functional from 12.30pm to 8pm on Saturday.

click here for map

Road Closure for Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon

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List of fully closed roads
Road Time closed Time opened
1 Esplanade Drive (both directions) 1.00am 12.00 noon
2 Fullerton Road (South bound towards Collyer Quay and North bound toward Esplanade Drive) 1.00am 11.00am
3 Collyer Quay (South bound towards Raffles Quay) 1.00am 11.00am
4 ECP (KPE Entrance) 1.00am 11.00am
5 East Coast Service Rd (Fort Rd Roundabout to Tanjong Katong Flyover) 1.00am 10.30am
6 Nicoll Highway (City bound towards Republic Avenue entry) 1.00am 11.00am
7 St Andrew’s Road (to Stamford Road) 1.00am 12.00 noon
8 Connaught Drive 1.00am 12.00 noon
9 Raffles Ave/Bayfront Ave junction 2.00am 11.00am
10 Finlayson Green 4.00am 11.00am
11 Raffles Quay (towards Shenton Way) 4.00am 10.00am
12 Shenton Way (towards Maxwell Road) 4.00am 10.00am
13 McCallum Street (westbound towards Robinson Road) 4.00am 10.00am
14 Fort Road/East Coast Park junction 4.00am 10.30am
15 Robinson Road (towards Collyer Quay) 4.00am 11.00am
16 Marina Blvd (from junction of Bayfront Ave to ECP entrance) 4.30am 11.00am
17 ECP (Rochor Road Exit) 4.30am 11.00am
18 ECP (Fort Road Exit) 4.30am 11.00am
19 Republic Ave (link to Republic Blvd) 5.30am 11.00am
20 Republic Blvd (southbound towards F1 track entrance) 5.30am 11.00am
21 Temasek Blvd (douthbound to Fountain of Wealth Roundabout) 6.00am 11.00am
22 Temasek Blvd (Roundabout to Temasek Ave entry) 6.00am 11.00am
23 Temasek Ave (South bound to Raffles Ave) 6.00am 11.00am
List of partially closed roads
Road Time closed Time opened
1 Collyer Quay (northbound towards Esplanade Drive) – 1 lane open 1.00am 11.00am
2 ECP (towards Rochor Road Exit) – 2 lanes open 1.00am 11.00am
3 ECP (Rochor Road Exit to Fort Road Exit) – 2 lanes open 1.00am 10.00am
4 Fort Rd (northbound towards Mountbatten Rd) – 1 lane open 1.00am 11.00am
5 Mountbatten Rd (northwest-bound towards Old Airport Rd junction) – 1 lane open 1.00am 11.00am
6 Mountbatten Rd (westbound towards Nicoll Highway junction) – 1 lane open 1.00am 11.00am
7 Rochor Road (to Temasek Blvd entry) – 2 lanes open 1.00am 11.00am
8 Raffles Ave (from junction of Esplanade Dr to junction of Bayfront Ave) – 1 lane open 2.00am 11.00am
9 Bayfront Ave (southbound towards Marina Blvd) – 1 lane open 2.00am 11.00am
10 Marina Blvd (East bound towards ECP) – 1 lane open 4.00am 11.00am

Several roads will be affected by this year’s Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon, which will take place on Sept 12, 5am to 11am.

The public or participants can reach the venue via the following ways:

By taxi – Alight along South Bridge Road, Raffles Blvd, or at Raffles City taxi stand, or in front of One Raffles Link and walk to Esplanade Drive.

By car – Park at the nearby The Adelphi, Funan Centre, Suntec City and Marina Square. In view of the expected crowd, the public is strongly encouraged to use public transport services. For alternative routes to get to event venue or access to Marina Bay area, please visit the event website:

MRT – Alight at Raffles Place or City Hall MRT Stations and walk to Esplanade Drive.

Public buses – The nearest bus stop is at The St Andrew’s Cathedral and the following bus services are available – 32, 51, 61, 63, 80, 124, 145, 166, 174, 195, 197, 851 and 961. Please note that the bus services may divert from their normal route during event day due to the road closure. Participants may also take the SMRT Night Rider service to the event venue (last service at 4.30am). For more details, please refer to

Public and participants can look forward to Mobile Streetside Festivities and other Streetside Festivities along the running route, which include cultural dances, cheerleading, stilt-walkers and other performances.

The Singapore Bay Run is organised by the Safra National Service Association and the Army.

More information can be found at

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