About Us

  • AutoMoneyBack mission is to Delight and Amaze you, with Automatic Rewards to shop for the necessary things in life. Think of us as a permanent “Daily deal” or group-on for your essential spending.

    We understand how it feels like to be a motorist or home owner grappling with insurance and loans, and others in your situation felt the same way, but found our services and patented Ameeba Rewards so good that now the continually recommend their friends to us.

    “The inception of this business has been a wonderful experience for me because it’s immensely rewarding to be able to guide clients through their car ownership experience.
    Over the years, I’ve heard countless “horror stories” about people making the wrong decisions or even worse, being ripped off. Some overpaid, some bought lemons, some simply bought the completely wrong type of vehicle for their needs or over-committed from a financial perspective. Or Insurance. Or Home Loans.

    AutoMoneyBack aims to provide the best possible advice and help people navigate through this sometimes challenging journey.”

    - Adrian Ang
    Co-Founder, AutoMoneyBack

  • Attention CAR OWNERS

    We will take care of your annual car insurance by providing reminders and free instant car insurance quotes for comparison, to help you save time and money.After you decide on the cheapest or the insurer name you prefer to purchase, we give you Rewards Points when you buy.

    You can have peace of mind when you shop from us, as we are a General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) certified Nominee.

    Typically, up to $50 vouchers or gadgets worth $130 may be redeemed from Automoneyback when you buy your car insurance through us.


    Be it buying your first property or want to refinance to a better rate to save on the monthly mortgage, we will help you compare rates from banks and financial institutions (FI) island wide.

    We understand that this is usually the single largest investment and financial outlay in your life, and will do our best to work out the best deal for you.You choose the best rate or bank / FI that you prefer, we link you up to the banker, and give you Rewards Points when your loan is processed.

    Typically, up to $500 vouchers or gadgets worth $800 may be redeemed from AutoMoneyBack when you get your Mortgage Loans through us.


    The Automoneyback Team are drivers, and understand your feelings as a New Car Buyer.If you are ready to view and buy your new car at the Authorized Dealership, be it a Beemer, Honda, Kia or Subaru, let us know.

    AutoMoneyBack offers a unique consultative approach that will save you time, money, stress and hassle as you embark on the most exciting journey towards the acquisition of your next vehicle. We will guide you step-by-step through this sometimes confusing and frustrating process.

    AutoMoneyBack’s BuyAssist program uses a needs-based approach to find the right car for you at the right price.
    * Create a shortlist as we go along that is customised according to your needs.
    * Guide you through the product evaluation process.
    * Help you understand the financial implications of each option.
    * Arrange for the short-listed vehicles to be presented to you in a “pressure-free” environment.
    * Introduce to professional sales personnel who will take care of you during the process.
    * Ensure that you will not experience any “hard-sell” tactics employed by many sales executives.
    * Assist you in the negotiation process to help you get the best possible deal.

    The BuyAssist program has been developed and refined to remove discomfort from the car buying process. Our job is to make sure that our clients do not end up making the same mistakes thousands of car buyers make every year.

    What’s more, you will get Rewards Points from us when you buy your dream car.


    Whether you are selling your car, or buying direct from owner and need a loan, we’re able to help!

    AutoMoneyBack has developed a program that will help you maximise the value of your pre-owned vehicle. Our SellAssist program is easy to follow and while it typically starts at the beginning of the ownership period, it can be adapted specifically for many owners on a case-by-case basis. All clients who come to us as buyers automatically receive our advice on how to maintain the value of their vehicles so that when it is time to sell, they can get the best possible price for their cars.

    So, to help us grow our services and return more benefits to you, please “Like Us” on our Facebook with the handy link below, and share it by using the Send button to your friends who may need be looking out for a great deal, and keep more cash in your pockets.

    Thank you!

    The AutoMoneyBack Team