December 2010

December COE results (2nd Tender)

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COE continues to rise

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COEs above $70,000

PREMIUMS for cars 1,600cc and above and the open category, have burst through the $70,000 mark to a 13-year high in the latest round of COE bidding.

COE prices for cars 1,600cc and above are now $72,001, up 15.2 per cent from $62,502.

The price for the open category COE – which can be used for any vehicle type but which is mainly used for cars – was 17.3 per cent higher, at $76,102, from $64,900.

While prices have gone up for big cars, COEs for small cars fell slightly.

Premiums for the popular 1,600cc and below category, registered a small dip to end at $46,129, down 3.1 per cent from $47,604.

The COE price for commercial vehicles ended at $33,501, up $1,500 or 4.7 per cent. But the premiums for motorcycles have fallen. It closed at $1,551, up from $1,701.

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