November 2010

Technical hiccups caused by upgrades

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Dear members and fellow drivers,

We’ve heard your feedback, and have worked to deliver a smoother browsing and sign-up experience for you, and completed the successful server migration to a bigger local provider (using a local listed telco’s backend infrastructure) over the weekend.

There were a few technical hiccups along the way, including disk failure at the webhost, which were beyond our control, and some of you might have experienced an unfamiliar page or service. We’d like to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone, and for any inconveniences caused.

Please rest assured that we are always around for you, and we will not fail your trust in us.



3 New Insurance Company have joined our List!

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In order to provide you with the most competitive quotes, we are constantly adding new insurance partners into our list.
Below are the latest addition of insurance partners to AutoMoneyBack.

Join us today to get the most competitive quote and be rewarded from joining!

Thoughts About Our Competition

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Recently, other insurance compare websites sprung up, touting cheaper quotes for everyone, and spent a lot of advertising money to get the message out on the roads, tv, newspapers advertorials, buying radio DJ slots and so on.

From our customers feedback and own observations, some of these sites could possibly have only 2-3 choices, like Liberty, HSBC, and so forth.

Thanks for supporting us all this while, and help us by sharing with your friends and Like This on Facebook

At AutoMoneyBack, you are covered as we already deliver these on board and more – NTUC, Chartis, AXA etc.

For the drivers, the insurers quote the same to everyone – be it through us, your friend, or other sites.

But importantly to you – at AutoMoneyBack – we’re dedicated to car insurance, which serves you better, and thanks to our rewards of up to $500, through the patent-pending system that we’ve created, we give you perpetual value year after year.

A last thought – AutoMoneyBack will also commit to deliver express quotes for you to compare on the same day or by next working day. Sometimes, these depend on the insurers response times which we endeavor to minimize for you, our customer.