August 2010

Expensive Parking in Singapore

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You may be able to afford to buy a car, but be prepared to shell out more cash for parking.

Night parking charges will double from $2 to $4 at more than 1,300 carparks islandwide from November 2010. The new $4 charge is part of moves to tackle a space crunch in parking spots around Singapore.

That’s not all. A survey last month found that it costs $30 a day on average to park in prime areas such as Shenton Way and Orchard Road.

In fact, Marina Bay Sands has the distinction of having one of the most expensive parking rates in town. If you park at the integrated resort, it’ll cost you $8 for the first hour, followed by $2 every half-hour after that until you hit a maximum of $28.

It’s not the only car park in town that’s burning a hole in motorists’ pockets. Hilton Hotel charges $7 per hour, while other car parks in the Central Business District area such as the multi-storey car park at Market Street charge at least $4 an hour on average.

RazorTV finds out where the most expensive car parks in town are and where – and when – you can park around town for free.

Tips given for curbing premiums

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Tips given for curbing premiums
By Tony Ng

MOTORISTS have a part to play in curbing rising motor-insurance premiums and touting during accidents, said industry experts.

They can do so by staying calm and collecting as much information as possible – even if the only camera available is the one in their mobile phone.

These were some of the advice dished out by a motor-insurance taskforce during a motoring seminar on July 24.

The taskforce, which comprised members from the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) and the Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS), was formed to combat rising premiums, a bugbear of many motorists here.

Motorists should be proactive and vigilant in checking claims, the taskforce said. However, motorists here often take a nonchalant attitude, said Mr Derek Teo, president of the General Insurance Association of Singapore.

They either assume that the insurer will handle everything as they have paid the premium, or leave their claims to someone else because it falls under the third-party policy.

As a result, touts take advantage of those who leave such matters to people offering a “one-stop” service, said Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, Case president and co-chairman of the taskforce.

Motorists who come across malpractice should report it to the police, said AAS president Bernard Tay, who co-chairs the taskforce.

The police said that action can be taken against offenders if investigations reveal that a criminal offence, such as cheating, has been committed. The Subordinate Courts has also come up with a personal- injuries assessment guide to minimise the possibility of inflated claims.

An earlier proposal to treat accident reports as statutory declarations is still under review.

False statutory declarations are punishable by imprisonment and a fine.

As for surveyors who assess property damage, an accreditation scheme will be set up to address competency issues and conflicts of interest, as their fees are tied to repair charges, the taskforce said.

Meanwhile, the limit of non-injury motor-accident claims heard by a financial-dispute resolution centre has been raised from $1,000 to $3,000, giving more people an affordable avenue to seek redress.



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COE Open Bidding

AUGUST 2010 2nd Open Bidding Exercise has ended on 18/08/2010 16:00 hrs


Category Quota QP($) PQP($)
A CAR (1600CC & BELOW) & TAXI 606 29,000 31,388
B CAR (ABOVE 1600CC) 482 42,810 40,810
C GOODS VEHICLE & BUS 206 30,002 30,664
D MOTORCYCLE 335 1,251 1,345
E OPEN 315 43,501
QP: Quota Premium
PQP: Prevailing Quota Premium

Category Received Successful Unsuccessful Unused
A CAR (1600CC & BELOW) & TAXI 975 606 369 0
B CAR (ABOVE 1600CC) 683 472 211 10
C GOODS VEHICLE & BUS 275 205 70 1
D MOTORCYCLE 369 330 39 5
E OPEN 583 315 268 0
Received: Total Bids Received
Unused: Unused Quota carried forward

Source: Land Transport Authority
CAT A     Car (1600cc & below) & Taxi [View Past CAT A Results]
Quota Premium Change Prevailing Quota Premium Quota Bids Received
$29,000 Down $3,104 $30,120 606 975
CAT B     Car (Above 1600cc) [View Past CAT B Results]
Quota Premium Change Prevailing Quota Premium Quota Bids Received
$42,810 Down $524 $38,552 482 683
CAT C     Goods Vehicle & Bus [View Past CAT C Results]
Quota Premium Change Prevailing Quota Premium Quota Bids Received
$30,002 Down $110 $30,960 206 275
CAT E     Open [View Past CAT E Results]
Quota Premium Change Prevailing Quota Premium Quota Bids Received
$43,501 Up $600 - 315 583


Why Choose AutoMoneyBack?

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When the founders of AutoMoneyBack started AutoMoneyBack, they were concern with the yearly motor insurance that not only needed to be renew yearly, but also occurs at a rather high cost. This inevitable cost of motor insurance ranges from about $1000- $2500 or even more. It was such a time consuming effort to call insurers up and ask them for quotations 1 by 1.

The problem of sourcing.

To solve the problem of sourcing for insurers, AutoMoneyBack founders created a system where quotes can be efficiently direct from motoring users to insurers. Through the use of this system, car drivers would no longer need to call up insurers each time and each year they need to get quotes. AutoMoneyBack System keeps tracks of car owners insurance details so that the next year, they will get quotations from AutoMoneyBack even without calling AutoMoneyback.

The problem of cost.

A cost of $1000-$2500 is almost inevitable when it comes to car insurance. AutoMoneyBack’s founders came out with a brilliant idea that modified current systems such as sites like Amazon used to reward AutoMoneyBack’s members of up to $500 each time AutoMoneyBack’s Member renew their insurance through AutoMoneyBack.

How this works?

Insurers pays a small percent of commission to agents and brokers. AutoMoneyBack decided to reward its members by taking part of this commission, pool it up and return to its members. Through this, AutoMoneyBack members stand a chance to get up to $500.

AutoMoneyBack vs others

Comparison Table

How to take part in program?

It is simple to be part of AutoMoneyBack. Just click the sign up Link, fill in your particulars and thats it you are part of AutoMoneyBack growing members. And we will contact you once your insurance is about to be due =)

MALAYSIA – Seventeen accident hotspots have been identified in the state.

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JOHOR BARU, MALAYSIA - Seventeen accident hotspots have been identified in the state.

State Road Transport Department director Rosli Ramly said it would focus its enforcement at these spots during the Hari Raya balik kampung rush, including certain stretches between the city and Air Hitam, Mersing and Kota Tinggi.

Also on the radar are roads in Segamat and Muar.

He said the department would also work with the police and other relevant agencies in the Ops Sikap.

“Ops Sikap is expected to begin on Sept 5 and will last until Sept 19,” he said, adding that 198 enforcement officers would be involved in this year’s operation.

“The officers will be in 47 groups and placed at strategic locations at each hot spot,” he told reporters at the department’s headquarters here yesterday.

He said 51,670 accidents with 1,034 fatalities were recorded last year in Johor, with 60% of those who perished being motorcyclists.

“In accident cases with fatalities, those who died were not wearing safety devices such as helmets and seat belts,” he said, adding that road accidents were the country’s fourth biggest killer.

He warned that drivers who committed serious traffic offences such as speeding, overtaking on a double lines, tailgating, jumping queue or using handphones while driving, would be given the maximum fine.

Rosly said the department would also increase its checks at various bus terminals and stations during Ops Sikap.

“The department has told express bus companies to check their vehicles’ tyres and log books.

“We will also conduct tests to ensure that the bus drivers are not under the influence of intoxicants,” he said.


Mazda Recalls 215,000 Vehicles in U.S. for Steering

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Mazda is recalling more than 300,000 cars in the US, Canada and Mexico, warning that problems with their power steering could lead to crashes.

The company said repairs were needed to Mazda3 and Mazda5 models built from April 2007 to November 2008, faults that were put right a year ago in Japan. About 215,000 of the cars involved were sold in the US.

Mazda said the vehicles could have a sudden loss of power-steering, making it difficult for the driver to steer and increasing the risk of a crash.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into steering problems in 2007-2009 Mazda3s in June, citing 33 complaints alleging steering problems, including three crashes.

Mazda told the agency last week it was first informed of similar steering problems in Japan in March 2008 and the company began its own investigation in July 2008.

By summer 2009, it had found that the problem was caused by rust forming inside a high-pressure pipe in the power steering system. Rust particles could then enter the power steering pump and cause it to shut down to avoid overheating.

An “improvement campaign” last summer to repair vehicles was organised in Japan “due to a high occurrence rate of this problem,” according to the company’s letter to the US agency. It did not issue a recall in North America, instead issuing a technical service bulletin to dealers since the “occurrence rate was low”. That included repair procedures for customers who reported steering problems.

Mazda told NHTSA in the letter that in the spring of 2010, “we realised the occurrence rate was increasing in the North American market and then we began to study further field action for the market.”

The Mazda action follows trouble with Toyotas in the US, although preliminary findings by the US government suggest the sticking accelerators that prompted a recall might have often been caused by driver error.


It is always better for a car owner to shop around for a few quotes and compare premiums.

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GOING online for motor insurance generally costs less but it all depends on the individual driver and the insurer’s assessment of his or her risk profile.

Two online insurers – Aviva and – have entered the Singapore market in the last three months and both have promised that the direct- to-consumer model will result in lower premiums as there are no commissions.

Unlike traditional insurers, insurance websites bypass the traditional agent.

Aviva began operations here in April and says that its “low cost operating model” allows it to pass “healthy savings” to its customers.

“On average, customers will save around 7 to 10 per cent by switching to Aviva, and in some cases, they could realise substantially bigger discounts,” says Paul Jackson, Aviva Singapore’s head of general insurance.

He adds that Aviva also offers flexible options. “For example, after generating a 60-second quote, customers can save up to a further 25 per cent by increasing their excess or restricting who can drive their car,” explains Mr Jackson.

Taking the example of a 32-year-old single male working in the banking sector with a one-year-old Toyota Corolla Altis and who has five years’ driving experience and zero no-claims discount (NCD), Aviva quotes a premium of $1,839 (see table).

But over at DirectAsia. com, the equivalent premium is higher at $2,184.

In fact,’s premium costs more than the $2,157 quoted by Singapore’s leading motor insurer, NTUC Income.

But the online insurance portal, which was launched last month, says that different insurers will be better priced for different cars, usage and drivers.

“We would say that DirectAsia. com is better priced in most cases for privately used cars for drivers with good NCD and a Certificate of Merit,” says Andrew Byrne, CEO of Direct Asia Insurance.

Under the same conditions, the Toyota Corolla Altis owner would pay a premium of only $1,967 if his car was for private usage only, that is, if it was not used for commuting to work.

Mr Byrne explains that insurers calculate their car insurance premiums individually using a combination of information called rating factors.

“We estimate that DirectAsia. com would be on average around 10 per cent cheaper but this will vary up to 25 per cent cheaper for privately used cars and drivers with good driving histories,” he adds.

He also points out that provides the owner with his or her choice of repairer as a policy option for an additional premium – something that may not be offered elsewhere.

One motor insurance veteran says that Direct-’s different pricing for different types of drivers is not unusual.

“Every insurer has its likes and dislikes based on its experience,” he explains.

“So it is always better for a car owner to shop around for a few quotes and compare premiums.”


AutoMoneyBack gives you up to 10 quotes!

YOG Road Closure

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Venue: East Coast Park

Event: Triathlon (Junior Men/Junior Women/Mixed Team)

Date / Time of Closures:
• 12 August 2010 (Thursday, 6.00am to 12 noon)
• 13 August 2010 (Friday, 6.00am to 12 noon)
• 15 August 2010 (Sunday, 6.00am to 1.00pm)
• 16 August 2010 (Monday, 6.00am to 1.00pm)
• 19 August 2010 (Thursday, 6.00am to 1.00pm)

Affected Roads:
• East Coast Service Road (From ECP Car park E1 to Car park H)

Venue: Tampines Bike Park

Event: Junior Men Individual Time Trial (Cycling)

Date / Time of Closures:

17 August 2010, Tuesday (From 2pm to 4.30pm)
18 August 2010, Wednesday (From 9am to 11.30am)
Affected Roads:

Tampines Avenue 9 (From Tampines Ave. 12 to Tampines Ave. 10)
Tampines Avenue 7 (From Tampine Ave. 9 to Tampines Central 3)
Tampines Central 3 (Towards Tampines Ave. 7)
Tampines Avenue 6 (Between Tampines Ave. 9 & Tampines Central 7)
Tampines Street 72 (Between Tampines Ave. 9 and Carpark access to Blk 742A MSCP)

Venue: Singapore Sports School

Date / Time of Closures:

15 (Sunday) to 25 (Wednesday) Aug 2010 (6.30am to 11pm daily)
Affected Roads:

Champions Way (From Innova Junior College entrance to Woodlands Drive 17)

Speeding kills

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For the love of your love ones, drive with care and do not speed.

Do not speed

Places to avoid if you are driving today, Road closure for YOG opening

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Below is a list of places you should avoid today.  YOG opening will be held at marina. So driving there would be suicidal. I would certainly prefer to take public transport on such occasions.

Venue: The Float@Marina Bay

Event: Singapore 2010 Opening & Closing Ceremonies

Date / Time of Closures:

  • 7 Aug 2010, Saturday (Full Dress Rehearsal) (From 11am to 2am [following day])
  • 14 Aug 2010, Saturday (From 9am to 2am [following day])
  • 26 of Aug 2010, Thursday (From 12 noon to 2am [following day])

Affected Roads:

  • Raffles Avenue (2-lane closure from 11am [7 Aug] / 9am [14 Aug] / 12 noon [26 Aug] to 2pm)
  • Raffles Avenue (From 2pm to 12 midnight)
  • Raffles Avenue (2-lane closure from 12 midnight to 2am)
  • Republic Boulevard towards Raffles Ave (One carriageway closure from 11am to 12 midnight)
  • Republic Boulevard towards Raffles Ave (1-lane closure from 12 midnight to 2am)
  • Connaught Drive (2-lane closure from 2pm to 12 midnight)
  • Temasek Avenue (From Raffles Blvd to Raffles Ave) (From 2pm to 12 midnight)
  • Bayfront Avenue (From ERP Gantry to Raffles Ave) (From 2pm to 12 midnight)
  • Collyer Quay towards Shenton Way (From Esplanade Drive to Marina Boulevard) (1-lane closure from 9pm to 12 midnight)*
  • Esplanade Drive (From 9pm to 12 midnight)*
  • Nicoll Highway (From Raffles Blvd to Raffles Ave) (From 9pm to 12 midnight)*
  • Stamford Road (From Raffles Ave to St. Andrew’s Rd) (From 9pm to 12 midnight)*

*Please note that pedestrian walkway along Temasek Avenue (between Raffles Boulevard and Raffles Avenue), Bayfront Avenue (From ERP Gantry to Raffles Avenue), Raffles Avenue will be closed.

*Please note that Collyer Quay, Esplanade Drive, Nicoll Highway and Stamford Road will NOT be closed on 7 Aug 2010

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