June 2010

Patent Pending

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After many lengthy months of legal drafting and editing, Automoneyback has filed a patent with IPOS (Intellectual Property Office of Singapore), and our business system is patent-pending.

We have undertaken this painstaking and expensive route of protecting our Intellectual property for the sake of our initial and future members. The patent ensures that Automoneyback retains all rights to our invention, and that companies that try to take advantage of our innovative system will be in legal violation of the patent.

In effect, we have ensured that our members will get maximum values and perpetuating affiliates and members in Automoneyback.


Website and computerized affliate system

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We are proud to announce that after many intense weeks and months of programming and coding, Automoneyback website (as you see it), and our affliate system ( – which allows our members to see all their ‘live’ referrals and earnings, is ready!

Clap Clap Clap..

We are gearing up for the Automoneyback softlaunch, where our motorist friends will be invited for a VVIP preview, where you can sign up and enjoy maximum benefits by your early signup.

Hip hip hooray!